CalRopes - Rope Undulation Examples

The CalChain is a truly unique fitness tool which allows athletes to perform:

  1. The two handed (aka 'bilateral') exercises of a barbell, requiring coordination, timing, and generation of both upper and lower body force.
  2. The one handed (aka 'unilateral') exercises of a pair of dumbbells, requiring core stability, working each side as hard as the other (no hiding your weak side here!), and the ability to perform left-right intervals with a single piece of equipment.
  3. The dynamic and multi-plane exercises of a kettlebell, challenging the entire body, requiring the 'center of gravity' force generation needed in every sport, and affording intense cardiovascular workouts.

Kettlebell + Barbell + Dumbell = CalChain

CalRopes - CalChain

Instant Feedback - Look, Listen, Feel!

One of the reasons CalRopes are a great training tool is the instant feedback - if the rope in your left hand starts to die out...you know you need to step it up on the left side! The CalChain works the same way!

Visual feedback - Throughout whatever movement you are making with the CalChain (for example if you were doing a kettlebell type swing), the center link should remain as neutral as possible- it should not be flipping up at the top of the motion or flipping down at the bottom of the motion.

Audible feedback - A well executed and coordinated movement with the CalChain should more or less be silent. If the chain is continually rattling, you are likely jerking the chain around instead of creating a smooth movement via coordinated turning on and off of your opposing muscle groups.

Tactile feedback - Like with kettlebells, the CalChain requires the use of controlled momentum when allowing the chain to come in contact with your body. For example, when doing a two-armed high pull toward the chest, the center links should gently and consistently contact the sternum. If it is hitting you too hard on some repetitions, and not contacting you at all on others, your technique has room for improvement.

CalChain - Perfecting the Kettlebell Swing

Why the CalChain?

Versatility - Break out your favorite barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell exercise. Chances are that you'll be able to perform it with the CalChain...and it will be more challenging than ever.

The dynamic nature of the CalChain builds incredible coordination and timing. When the links of the chain start moving in different directions, you'll need to engage your core to hold your ground, your legs and hips to generate real power, and your entire upper body to direct the force of the chain where you want it. Furthermore, each link in the CalChain acts as an axis of rotation capable of generation torque. So when compared to a barbell curl which generates toque at two axes (the elbows), or a kettlebell swing which generates torque at four axes (two shoulders and two kettlebell handles), when performing a two arm swing with the CalChain, you are generating torque at 8 axes (two shoulders, two handles, and 4 chain links.) When torque is generated in more directions, additional muscle groups must be activated!

Old school simplicity - even though the CalChain is new to the marketplace, it's based on a simple fitness concept- Using your entire body to generate enough force to move a heavy and unstable object requires strength, timing, and coordination.

Introducing the CalChain by CalRopes.com

Is it a barbell? Is it a dumbbell? Is it a kettlebell?

Working with the CalChain

CalRopes - CalChain
A few tips to get you started. The CalChain is a completely unique fitness tool, and if you are using it for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Don't "thumb it" - When using the CalChain, be sure to grip the handle with a closed fist, or when your fist is open, let the handle rest in the middle of your web space. The CalChain is simply too heavy to hang on your flexed thumb, and doing so will easily irritate the muscles in your hand.

Beware "The Big Mo" - Momentum! When performing upright movements, for example an upright row, remember that the CalChain is dynamic in nature and that just because your hands have stopped moving, doesn't mean the chain has! The center of the chain moves independently of the handles, so always use smooth, coordinated movements so that you can keep complete control of the chain.

Don't press the CalChain directly overhead - Again, the center of the chain is unstable, so overhead movements should be held slightly anterior to your body, with eyes on the chain, and your abdominals and gluteals engaged to provide a strong foundation.

Only hold the CalChain by the end handles - The individual links are constantly moving and pressing against each other, and could easily pinch fingers.

Expect some wear on the finish - The CalChain is finished with the highest quality industrial powder coating, but when heavy steel pieces bang against each other, the finish is bound to wear. This will likely only happen on the inside of the links, where you'll never touch and will rarely see, so this should be of little consequence. The CalChain is a solid product which will last a very, very long time.

Train smart and train safe! - Like any exercise program or device, there is the risk of injury when exercising with the CalChain. Consult with a physician before beginning any exercise program, never use the chain for purposes other than exercise, and always remember that the CalChain is by design heavy and unstable. Always use caution and never place the CalChain is positions where moving links can unexpectedly strike your body or the people and objects around you. CalRopes Fitness LLC assumes no liability whatsoever for bodily injuries or property damage that results from your voluntary use of our fitness products.

CalChain Workout 1: Blame It On The Chain
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CalChain Workout 2: Chaining Day
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CalChain Workout 3: Chain Fonda
** Click for printable pdf of the workout **

CalChain Push Press

CalChain Warmup

CalChain Alternating High Pull

CalChain Halo

CalChain Alternating Swing

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CalChain Around The World With Double Kneel Down


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